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How to sell art glass crafts online


Do you have several glass crafts and you don’t know how to sell them?  Here we will try to help you by presenting you options. Whether you already have an online store or you don’t have any internet presence, here we will show you a platform that will make this task quite simple.

What online platform can I use to sell online?

Most probably you don’t have much time and yours thing is more to create and not so much to sell. Without being an expert in programming or marketing, there are platforms that offer this possibility for free or that charge you economic rates once the sale is completed. This time we will start with the platform that is designed so that creatives can sell their works easily, it is called Etsy and surely you have already heard about it. 

Browsing Etsy 

It is an international platform specializing in internet sales for independent creators. It has a phenomenal reach and is a good starting point. Now that the streets are less crowded this platform can provide a good visibility to your products. 

It´s better to see it in action. Look, we have entered and put "stained glass window" in the search bar and the results show that there are already many colleagues offering their handcrafts (pictures show the Spanish version of the site, they intent to work as illustrative images) 

Do not be discouraged. There are strategies for you to be there too. 

A good thing is that those who buy on Etsy look for original products, custom or handmade crafts, just what you have to offer!

So take pictures of your jewelry, ornaments or stained glass windows and let's do the first steps together. If you already have your shop there, you can skip directly to step 3.

Step 1: get registered on the platform

You can do it with an email, a gmail account, facebook or directly on Apple. Then go to your email and look up the email that Etsy sent you to confirm the creation of your account.  

Step 2: upload your products and create your store

Now, log in to your account and go to your profile, then go to "Sell on Etsy".


Once there you will have information about how the platform works, rates, etc. Scroll down to the next button and click there.

It’ll take you to the next page.

Here you have to complete each step with your account information. It’s very simple. Let’s load a product, for example our batch of Aqua Cathedral glasses.

There you will have to upload the photos, you can also add a video. Then below you have to define the category that best defines your offer, be it  "glass", "stained glass", "fusing", "handicrafts", etc. There are many options, you can also create one manually. And on this point we will give you some tips on the last step.

You will then have to upload the information from your bank account where you will receive the payments and billing data. Once you complete these steps you will have your shop to sell online. This would be the technical part. 

Step 3: tailor your offer to be easily found by your potential buyers

This is a crucial part of this process and it will take a some time for researching and analyzing. We know it’s not the most fun part, but it’s necessary. Your offer is not just your products but everything that makes it a desirable offer and how it differs from that of your competitors sell. 

It is better to show it with an example:

Let's say you've made some Christmas stars out of glass. Let's see what we find on Etsy. We write "glass objects for Christmas" in the search bar and it brings the following results:

As you can see, the items listed are not what we are looking for.

Tip: the title of your items for sale has to match the search terms potential buyers use.


Let's help you define them. Now we put "adornos n..." (ornaments ...)  and the search engine lists related terms:

Here are the clues you need. The terms that appear are the most commonly used to search for related products.  Now we write something more specific like "glass Christmas ornaments"

We are getting closer. It is very important to explore all these search options to improve the titles and descriptions of your articles. Go from general to more specific search terms to find the most appropriate one that will allow you to offer a differentiated proposal.

We now test with "glass stars" (more specific term)

It shows sellers who already offer something similar.

And here there is something interesting to check. The one with the intermediate price is having more orders than the quantity offered. A total success! This may be because the product has a better design, or shipping times or costs. Yes, because those factors also make up your offer.

It is very important as well to show good images. Today with almost any smartphone you can get really good photos that you can then easily edit with applications like SnapSeed.

Show your items on social media

It is very important to have patience and communicate what you are creating and selling. Social platforms work very well to spread these kinds of proposals. Notify your Whatsapp contacts, publish your products on Instagram and Facebook. Everything will help give visibility to your handcrafts.

iconos redes sociales

How much does it cost to sell on Etsy?

You will be charged a fee of 0.17 € for each item you put on sale on Etsy.com. After four months, the publications expire. You can automate its renewal or do it manually. Then the app charges a transaction fee of 5% of the price of each ad plus the amount you charge for the gift option. In addition a 4% + 0.30 € fee for payment processing. All these details are better explained on the Etsy seller’s handbook. It may seem like a lot, but if this platform gives you visibility and allows you to sell, it’s actually convenient. 

In short: to successfully stand out and sell on this platform you will need to spend time doing some market research. The conclusions you draw will help you differentiate your offer from yours competition.

Great, now is time to sell on internet

If you have already decided to sell online, you may need to produce a series to test the market. Remember that we have art glass packages at a very convenient price. In addition, we offer all the tools and materials you may need. Enter our online store and ask for your quote without commitment of purchase, we make shipments to all Spain and Europe. 

We hope this information has been helpful to you. See you soon.

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