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Soldering irons

Soldering irons

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Whenever you are going to do jobs that require soldering, you will have to take certain precautions to protect yourself. From Color Glass Shop we recommend you to follow these safety tips:

1) Use glasses to protect your eyes from dust and splashes that may arise during the process.

2) Work in a wide, comfortable and very well ventilated environment to avoid sucking up glass dust and fumes resulting from metal work. If you work in a small space try to install a good air extraction system or get a portable one.

3) Have a soldering iron holder. In other words, having a fixed and safe place to support the tool while you don’t use it to prevent you from burning surfaces or harming yourself. You can see what we offer here.

Types of soldering irons

There are different qualities. Their price is linked to the power (watts) they offer and their estimated durability. If you are a beginner you are likely to get an inexpensive soldering iron that will help you know this type of tool, its use, its accessories and care. In this case you may be interested in the Star Tec soldering iron Star Tec ST-80, 80W.

Once you have made progress in the art of glass, you will surely want to embark on projects of greater size or precision, and for them you will need a more versatile and powerful soldering iron. In our shop we offer different Weller models.

This brand is recognized for its durability and the quality of their components. We have 80, 100 and 200 watts. If you work with lead you will need the 100 or the 200 watts since they have a thermostat that will prevent the tip from overheating and damaging the lead. 

How to extend your soldering iron’s life

It is very important that you keep their parts clean and metal free. Every time you finish the day’s work with the soldering iron, it is advisable to let it cool in its stand and then remove its tip and clean both. Whenever you are going to do this maintenance, unplug the tool and do the whole procedure by holding both the tip and the soldering iron with pliers to avoid burning (in case it has not cooled enough).

Soldering irons are rarely damaged by electrical failure. Rather, they are often damaged because they are not cleaned properly. Metal enters where the tip is inserted and then it cannot be removed. Then corrode and finally the soldering iron stop working. So to make it last longer, you will have to do this cleaning frequently.

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