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There are different types of glass cutters. Your choice will depend on the user’s manual capacity and the type of cut you want to achieve. It is also importante the use you will make of it and the price you are willing to pay.
In our shop we offer glass cutters from brands recognized for the quality of their products such as Toyo and Silberschnitt. Below we leave a review of the different models.

Pencil Glass cutter type 

They are used to contour silhouettes or to make straight cuts with a ruler. They are held like a marker. They come with wooden, plastic or metal handle.

The one with wooden handle is a basic cutter that many amateurs choose at the beginning of their work with glass. The plastic ones come with and without reservoir for the lubricant and then there are the metal ones. These last ones weight more and many people prefer them because they perceive more precision in the cut. Silberschnitt  5000.0 and Toyo TC-17B are among these type of cutters.

Glass cutter with pistol handle

They come with a robust handle that works as a reservoir for the lubricant. Since it is held with the whole hand, this model is recommended when there is loss of strength in the hands. Offers more firmness in cutting, especially when they are large parts. This is the case of the Toyo TC600P glass cutter.

Small glass cutter

It is the smallest glass cutter, it has a short handle with a support that is placed between the thumb and the index finger. Because of its grip, it is ideal for precision cuts especially if the hand is small or medium, if you have large hands you may not be able to hold it comfortably. It has a built-in reservoir for the lubricant.

Circle glass cutter

As its name indicates it serves to cut glasses with circular shapes. It is an arm held at one end that moves circularly. The extension of the arm varies according to the model and the cutting diameter depends on the point at which the head wheel is located.

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